Washing machine motor type CF is of the same design as CV with the difference that it is foot-mounted.

Design as CV but foot mounted. The specially designed sheet metal profile gives the wound stator the basis of a rigid unit, in which the end bells are mounted. Axial-pressed fully sealed ball bearings carrying the rotor, which long fan wings ensure efficient cooling.
The bearing shields are either cast iron or aluminium.

The motor electrical connection can be selected in two AMP system.
Choose between UNIVERSAL MATE-N-LOK, FASTIN-FASTON 6.3. or as desired. CF motors cover a wide range of power through elective package lengths. Separate windings, e.g. 12- and 18-pole, the CF motor provides speeds suitable for a washing machine. The motors are designed for belt drive directly to the drum pulley.


  • Design as CV but foot mounted
  • Size 112-160
  • 0.1- 4,5 kW
  • 330-3000 rpm, pole combination 4, 2-18, 8-12, 8-18,12-18 etc.
  • UL and CSA approved insulation system