The CV,CW engine is the real example of how customer adaptation leads to the best overall solution.

The specially designed sheet metal profile gives the wound stator the basis of a rigid unit, in which the end bells are mounted. Axial-pressed fully sealed ball bearings carrying the rotor, which long fan wings ensure efficient cooling.
Endshields, die cast aluminum with integrated cradle attachment for hanging on a shaft. Cradle mounting holes are fitted with rubber bushings.

The motor electrical connection can be selected in two AMP system.
Choose between UNIVERSAL MATE-N-LOK, FASTIN-FASTON 6.3. or as desired. CV engines cover a wide range of power through elective package lengths. Separate windings, e.g. 2- and 18-pole, the CV motor provides speeds suitable for a washing machine. The motors are designed for belt drive directly to the drum pulley.


  • Cradle mount
  • IP 20
  • Size 112-132
  • 0,1- 2,2kW
  • 330-3000 rpm, pole combination 4, 2-18, 8-12, 8-18,12-18 etc.
  • Manufactured normal for both 50 and 60 Hz. For other frequency/voltage combinations, requests quote
  • UL and CSA approved insulation system